Our courses

With 10 years’ experience of teaching in different fields such as marketing, finance, banking, international organisations, national security, medicine, information technology, fashion, learning support for primary, secondary, higher education and universities, among other relevant subjects, LRS has developed its own effective and enduring teaching methods.


Our Spanish courses are provided by native teachers that design their classes specifically for each student, adapting them to the individual’s level and to their professional and personal needs, so that we can ensure the student feels comfortable and confident in their environment.


At LRS we always ensure that the professional, academic and personal needs of the student are adequately followed, offering constant support for the duration of the Spanish training.

Personalized teaching

The teaching will be entirely personalised, using methods created with the interests of the student in mind and designed to enable the training to be completed within days, weeks or months, according to the individual’s requirements.


The classes can be given individually or in a group. The group classes will only be given when there are a minimum of three students and a maximum of six.

The path of a language in eighty hours

One of the most booked out courses to learn Spanish is ‘The tour of Spanish in 80 hours’, which is a special program based on an extremely effective pedagogical approach that allows mastery of Spanish in only eighty hours.

Spanish courses

Below we present the Spanish courses that can be requested:

  • Spanish course Erasmus
  • Spanish course Gap year
  • Spanish course for professionals
  • Spanish course – Adults
  • Spanish course for juniors (12-17 years old)
  • Spanish course groups for juniors and adults
  • Spanish course for individuals
  • ‘El camino del idioma español en 80 horas’
  • Spanish course for exams DELE and SIELE
  • Spanish course + internship

Study method with the LRS own pedagogy

LRS is managed by the multilingual and highly qualified teacher Loren Rodríguez Santos who guarantees a high quality service for every single one of her students..


Do feel free to contact us if you would like any additional information.