Camino Discovery & Reflection


Many pilgrims arrive to Santiago de Compostela and want to know more about the history of the city and the Camino or they feel the need to talk about their experiences.


In the centre of the old town and in one of the oldest historical houses, we host participants in our “Camino Room”, in which our lectures are held.
We provide significant information about the history and the current renaissance of the pilgrimage.


Our teacher is the sociologist and Camino expert Dr. Christian Kurrat, who has been researching the Camino for ten years.

Camino History

In the lecture “Camino History”, we give profound insights into the Camino’s development and explain the origins of St. James and the voyage of his remains to Galicia.


We also discuss the promotion of the Camino de Santiago, the meaning of the Reconquista, the motivations of medieval pilgrims and historical rituals.

Camino Motivation

In the lecture “Camino Motivations”, we give sociological insights into the motivations of pilgrims nowadays.


Vivid abstracts of pilgrims’ stories and scientific conclusions will give a deep understanding of modern pilgrimage.

Camino Reflections

In the lecture “Camino Reflections”, we talk about the attendees’ own experiences and decisions for the future.


This helps pilgrims to reflect their experience in a professional way.


  • Lectures have a duration of one hour each
  • Lectures are available from Monday to Friday from 10:30am to 10:30pm
  • Lectures must be booked ahead in order to satisfy every participant’s availability
  • Lectures can be given in English or German