About Us

After 10 years of working experience in different teaching fields such as marketing, finance, banking, international organisations, national security, medicine, IT, fashion, elementary, secondary and high schools supportUniversities and other relevant topics, LRS has developed its own effective and lasting teaching methods.


LRS will make sure that your professional and personal needs will be supported every step of the way to obtain the results designed specifically for you.

LRS is managed by multilingue professional teacher Ms. Loren Rodriguez Santos who will guarantee a service of the highest quality to every type of request submitted.

Please do not hesitate to contact LRS for any further information.

LRS is looking forward to meeting you in the near future.

Our approach

LRS approach consists of being continuously supported and sustained during the learning period.

LRS support provides you with a basis that has been specifically customised for you.
This will allow your knowledge of the language to flourish.

LRS Sustainability comes by making you more confident and much more aware of the potential that you already have. By doing so, the learning period will be much more effective and durable.

With LRS methods which has created particularly for your professional, academic, cultural or private interests, your objectives will be successfully achieved. Moreover, your fears towards the language chosen will quickly be overcome and we will provide you with tailored support to help you to reach your goals.

These goals can be achieved in a matter of days, weeks or months as they are specifically customised for you.

LRS approach is designed for children and adults as well as organization, enterprises, banks and schools.

LRS also offers school support to children and teenagers. With LRS approach their school difficulties and/or confusions towards languages will be immediately solved by having the support needed from our specially trained language coaches.

LRS courses can be taken one to one, semi-group or mini group and can also take place
at LRS offices, at your workplace or directly at home.

LRS will make sure that your experience will be a pleasant and rewarding journey that will take you to success!